Welcome to the Provie Road Pod website. Since none of us can (currently) work WordPress to save our lives, here’s a quick primer on what’s on each of the pages listed at the top of the site.

We’ll be aiming to deliver a fortnightly podcast with a range of guest hosts and stars to unpick the latest happenings at Dens, as well as going down the dark blue memory lane.
Dear Jocky
When a topless moustachioed man in a jetpack crashes into your house demanding a column in your paper, it’s hard to refuse, regardless of whether or not you own a paper. Jocky is here to solve all your problems, though our lawyers tell us to advise you to rarely, if ever, follow his guidance.
Hultoon Herald
An intrepid band of reporters, seeking to battle the pro-DAB hegemony of the local press, have clubbed together to provide all the (fake) news that’s (un)fit to print. Published 3 times a week, or as often as the empty threat of removing non-existent expenses accounts works, the Hultoon Herald aims to emulate its spirit animal The Daily Mash by making life imitate heavily satirical art.
Derry Got Soul
Need a playlist for the car/bus/walk to Dens or to accompany the train tinnies on away day? This is the place to be. Pulled together by our resident DJ, each weekly Spotify playlist will play homage to a past or present player, and reflect their personality.
The Real Leigh Griffiths Blog
Leigh Griffiths is now Scotland’s premier marksman. A star for champions Celtic and the national team, Griffiths started his career at Livingston before winding up at Dens Park. The blog is a moderately fictionalised* version of his time at Dundee, dreamed up in a particularly vivid trip by Barry Phillips.
Menzieshill Media, Inc.
Your child’s first steps; your wedding speech; that time the Heff closed the Derry. There are a few moments in life it’s important to have committed to video for all eternity, and here’s where we’ll be storing the Dundee-related ones.
*DISCLAIMER – satire, parody, purely for entertainment purposes, sorry again Leigh, etc.