The Derry Cult Hero XI

We’ve all picked our all-time Dundee team before, but we at WDTPR want to celebrate the lesser celebrated with a vote to select the Cult Hero XI.

Our vague definition of cult hero is a player who isn’t the Dundee GOAT (not the bleating quadruped drafted in to sort of the grass at the back of the Derry) because football isn’t just about the sublimely talented. It’s also about the personalities, the stories, the moustaches and the maiming of opponents. It’s about your first heroes, the ‘bizarre reason’ favourites, those you offered your spouse to or the subject of inappropriate crushes.

Cult heroes are the flawed geniuses, the hard-as-fuck 100%ers, the ones who lived the dream and those whose name gave itself to a great song irrespective of ability. They are those whose Derry service was brief but memorable and those who spent longer at Dens than an unflushable jobby in the Main Stand. This is the time to champion players we remember for being half-decent in a shite team, or for one goal, performance or other moment of magic.

Let us know who you regard as bone fide Dundee cult heroes and a panel of experts (ie the WDTPR WhatsApp group) will mull over all suggestions before producing a shortlist of candidates for y’all to vote for. Over the course of a few weeks the winners for each position will slot into a 4-3-3 of those we love for reasons other than the obvious.