HULLTOON HERALD ACTUAL NEWS: The TwoPointOne Partnership Scheme

With the Hulltoon Herald team all on a long-term investigation, it’s time for some actual site news. We’ve teamed up with a few other fan blogs/podcasts/sites to launch a partnership scheme with TheTwoPointOne, one of the most prominent Scottish football websites out there just now. TheTwoPointOne is dedicated to covering teams across Scottish football – not just the usual two from Glasgow – and tries to inject some relevant data and longer-term thinking into articles about squads, tactics and the wider governance of our national game. We have a subscription and it’s definitely worth it for expanding knowledge of the opposition as well as seeing Dundee with an outsiders’ pairs of eyes (spoiler alert: it’s often not very pretty.)

The partnership scheme benefits readers, our site and TheTwoPointOne – we get 20% of every subscription taken out with our promo code (provieroad), TheTwoPointOne get new subscribers, and you get 10% off a subscription while also helping to support us and drag the site and pod kicking and screaming into the next stage of development.

For more info on the scheme, click here – you can sign up using the promo code provieroad here.

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