HULLTOON HERALD: Challenge Cup to feature shinty teams as logical next step

Shinty giants Kingussie and Netonmore will take part in next year’s Scottish Challenge Cup in an attempt to make the tournament more messed up than ever.

The clubs accepted the Scottish Professional Football League’s invitation even though the competition attracts significantly lower sponsorship, media attention and crowds than the Camanachd Cup they have traditionally dominated.

They will join a host of sides from Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and the English non-leagues in battling for a trophy that no one actually wants to win.

“There’s a first round where some teams play and some don’t and I can’t quite remember who comes in at what stage,” explained SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster. “I think there’s a preliminary round as well, but don’t quote me on that.

“The Irn-Bru Cup remains an innovative and evolving competition, even though I can’t remember who won it last year. Anyway, shinty teams will raise the excitement bar by smashing fuck out of cunts with those sticks they carry. We are very excited about the prospect of every player on a team having the same surname for the first time in Scottish football history.”

Scottish Premiership under-20s sides also compete with smaller teams from the lower leagues, such as Dundee United, Highland and Lowland League clubs and anyone else that can be bothered. Midlands AFA champions Douglas Athletic were lined up to take part in the 2018/19 tournament but declined the invitation in favour of a friendly with Invergowrie.

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