HULLTOON HERALD: Hendry’s agent: “I think we got away with it”

Jack Hendry’s new representative claims the defender being linked with a big money move from Dens Park days after signing with his agency is just a coincidence.
StormSportsX announced that Hendry had joined their client list on Friday, December 1st.
Before the weekend was out, journalists who never normally bother covering Dundee were penning stories claiming both sides of the Old Firm and several English Premier League clubs were lining up January moves for the giant stopper, something StormSportsX’s Dan Leitch denies involvement in.
“Supporters have faith in the honesty of football agents, and I think they can see this is all just conjecture, coincidence and conspiracy,” he said.
“I mean, what do you think would happen otherwise? That we would fabricate links with bigger clubs to get an improved contract with his current side? Preposterous!
“That we would try and alert clubs who’ve never heard of Jack to his presence via the press? Bonkers!
“That we would get reporters we’re pally with to knowingly plant a lie for us on the promise they’ll get the scoop when there really is something to report? Absurd!”
Unaware that his mic remained hot as he walked away from our reporter, Leitch was heard to say, “I think we got away with it. These doll’s heads have no idea we are the men behind the curtain, the sacred body that make the world go round.”
Professor Glen Dingies, of the Institute for Futba Studies, said, “A couple of clubs might well be watching Jack Hendry after a good start to his Dens career but StormSportsX are about as subtle as Ryan Stevenson’s tattoos.”
“They got away with it like Basil got away with mentioning the war in the classic Fawlty Towers episode, The Germans.”DE20937B-7CAA-43A0-9C4D-0C0CA9771C6A.jpeg

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