Hulltoon Herald: Local business advocate Arab actually shops at Amazon

A Dundee United fan who has 15 years castigating his club’s rivals for their treatment of local businesses shops exclusively at global chains and online retailers with dubious ethics, it has emerged.

Wayne Robertson rarely misses an opportunity to take the moral high ground over the number of local companies who lost money when Dundee FC entered administration in 2003 and 2010. Wayne, who can recite the full list of creditors from both periods of administration but who can name only a handful of current United players, admits his commitment to localism does not extend to his own purchasing decisions.

“Whenever we get beat from Livingston or Dumbarton I think back to the glory days of the Derry bastards shafting creditors and I get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside,” said the 43-year-old from Carnoustie. “Yes, being a sanctimonious bastard allows me to deflect from United’s failings but we must never forget that Dundee absolutely broke the local economy. Or that they did the taxman out of hundreds of thousands of pounds. Ultimately me and you pay that missing tax.

“Yes, Amazon hides a hefty chunk of their profits offshore but I’ve saved a few quid going there rather than to independent retailers who reinvest the money locally and create jobs for people in this area. I do everything I can online so I don’t need to support shops and if I have to do have to buy something in an actual place I’ll do it at Starbucks or Tesco because it’s cheaper. I did go into some bookstores to get some ideas for my mum’s Christmas but then I went home and bought on the internet.”

Wayne, who lists Facebook, Google, Coca-Cola, uber, ASOS, Nestle, Primark, Shell and Nike among his trusted brands, says while their business practices border on human rights violations he doesn’t see any contradiction in his stance on Dundee’s past dealings.

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