Hulltoon Herald: Budge ‘f***ing sick’ of ‘c***ing stand’

Hearts supremo Ann Budge has admitted she is heavy sick of the saga surrounding her club’s new main stand.

The old Tynecastle stand was torn down earlier this year to make way for a 7,300-capacity replacement after many years of debate and abortive attempts over how to complete the stadium’s redevelopment.

Budge’s stock was high among the Scottish football community at the outset of the project only for it to emerge this summer that the stand was running almost £2million over budget. The overspend was compounded when a member of the club’s staff failed to order seats on time, meaning Hearts were forced to play their home games at Murrayfield while the situation was resolved.

Wags took to Twitter to highlight the similarities between the stand’s exterior and a 1970s office block and, in the most recent development, the club issued a strongly worded statement after pictures were posted online showing that the full pitch could not be seen from several hundred of the newly installed seats.

“I f***ing hate every inch of concrete, steel glass and plastic in that f***ing stand,” said Budge.

“Everything was going great til that b******ing construction company hit us with another bill. F***ing cowboys. Then I looked a right fanny when some c***forgot to order seats.

“We unveiled the wall of glass and, to be fair, it looked f*** all like it did on the pictures but neither did Mona Lisa probably. Now some wide-o is sharing these pics of the control box blocking the view. And those w***stains at Marathon Bet retweeted it. F***ing a***holes. I’d get it fixed if I wasn’t spending every f***ing minute wiping the a***holes of every c*** involved in this f***ing project.

“We only went ahead with the stand cos Hibs finished their ground. And there’s Leeann Dempster with her WhatsApp messages. The last one was just 200 seat emojis then a crying with laughter face. Cow.

“When is the f***ng thing even meant to open? This weekend is it? Not sure I’ll even go. F***ing sick of the c***ing thing. Wait… what’s that? It might not even be open this f***ing weekend?! Oh, for f*** sake…”

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