In all this wide world, there’s but one team for us….

Walking Down the Provie Road is inspired by traditional fanzine culture and aims to bring a weekly podcast covering the latest developments at Dens Park together with articles, funnies, and the like.
Our Podcast will chew over red-hot content featuring the bold boys who wear the dark blue.

On this website, the Hulltoon Herald will take a satirical look at Scottish football news and will not at all be a shameless rip-off of the likes of the Daily Mash and The Onion.

We’ve also serialised the cult classic Real Leigh Griffiths Blog with permission from author Barry Phillips, who on special occasions will bring the blog’s star back to life in our ‘Dear Jocky’ problem page (reader very much advisory for all three – Jocky doesn’t mince his words).

We’re branching out into other media outlets, too. Our resident blogger, “Derry Got Soul“, will be ruminating on our (usually) shite state of Affairs, and our video skills are being put to good use for Menzieshill Media, Inc. We’ll be posting this content on our YouTube channel, and will hopefully be able to build that in the future to include interviews, live podcasts and much more.

You may have noticed the Web1.0 look of the site. Everything – and we mean everything – is being done on a rough and ready basis, so bear with us while we get to grips with technology, scheduling and everything else. We have loads of ideas where we can take WDTPR but in order to do so we need help so please give us a shout on provieroadpodcast@gmail.com if you fancy contributing to the podcast, website, social media or anything else. All ideas considered unless they happen to be pro-DAB.

Also, we’ve teamed up with a few other fan blogs/podcasts/sites to launch a partnership scheme with TheTwoPointOne, one of the most prominent Scottish football websites out there just now, where we’re given 20% of all subscription fees paid by Dundee fans. For more info on the scheme, click here – you can sign up for a discounted subscription to TheTwoPointOne using the promo code provieroad here.

‘Mon the Dee!

The WDTPR team

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